Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

By Dr. Steven L. Rattner DDS & Associates
March 26, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: cosmetic dentistry  

Do you wish your smile was brighter, more uniform or a little less unique? Our Gaithersburg, MD, dentists, Dr. Steven Rattner and Dr. cosmetic dentistryMaryam Roosta, discuss a few cosmetic dentistry procedures that offer smile-changing benefits.

Cosmetic bonding

Tooth-colored composite resin can be used to completely change the shape or length of a tooth or conceal issues that mar your tooth enamel, such as discolorations, chips, and cracks. Although composite resin is moist and pliable when it's applied to your teeth, the application of a curing light hardens it in just seconds. Composite resin is also used to fill teeth. Unlike silver amalgam fillings, resin fillings are completely unnoticeable.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can whiten your smile by three to eight shades. The whitening process only takes about an hour and keeps your teeth whiter and brighter for up to several years.


Whether you have a cracked or broken tooth or don't like the way a crooked tooth looks, you can benefit from crowns. The hollow restorations look just like natural teeth and are designed to slip over teeth after they've been reduced in size slightly. Crowns completely restore broken teeth, prevent fragile or cracked teeth from breaking or shattering, change the shape and length of teeth, and cover imperfections.

Tooth restoration options

Whether you've lost one tooth or multiple teeth, tooth loss can significantly affect your appearance and your ability to eat. We offer three restoration options in our Gaithersburg office:

  • Bridges: Bridges are a good choice if you have one missing teeth or even two missing teeth in a row. The restoration consists of one or more artificial teeth attached to dental crowns. The crowns slip over teeth on either side of the gap and hold the bridge firmly in place.
  • Dentures: Removable dentures restore all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. If you still have some remaining teeth, you may want to consider partial dentures. The restorations hook over teeth and can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • Dental Implants: Titanium implants bond to your jawbone and serve as permanent replacements for lost roots. The addition of a crown to the top of the implant fills the gap in your smile. Single implants are available, as are implant-supported bridges and dentures. Although one implant is needed to replace a single missing tooth, you may only two to four implants to anchor implant-supported bridges and dentures.

Upgrade your smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures! Call Gaithersburg, MD, dentists, Dr. Rattner and Dr. Roosta, at (301) 987-5527 to schedule your appointment.