When Are Dental Crowns Needed?

By Dr. Steven L. Rattner DDS & Associates
September 25, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: crowns   Damaged Teeth  

Damaged TeethWhether you need to restore a damaged tooth or want to conceal an imperfection, dental crowns provide an excellent way to improve your smile. Dentist Dr. Steven Rattner offers the versatile restorations at Grove Dental Arts in Gaithersburg, MD.

What are crowns?

A dental crown covers the part of your tooth that is visible above your gums. The restorations are hollow inside and are added to teeth after they've been prepared. Durable materials that look like your natural tooth enamel are used to create crowns, such as porcelain, porcelain-fused-to-metal, resin and ceramic.

After your dentist prepares your tooth, he'll make an impression of it, which he'll send to a local dental laboratory. You'll wear a temporary crown while the lab technicians craft your permanent crown, a process that usually takes about two weeks. When you return to the dental office, your dentist will make a few adjustments before attaching the crown with dental cement.

When do dentists recommend crowns?

Crowns are frequently used to repair broken and fractured teeth. The restorations restore the normal width and height of your tooth, which improves your appearance and makes chewing and biting easier. Breaks that expose the pulp at the center of teeth can be very painful. Crowns keep the pulp covered, ending your pain.

The restorations may also be recommended if teeth have become fragile. The problem can be inherited or may occur as a result of aging, dental procedures or a crack in the tooth. If you don't add a crown to a weak tooth, you'll increase the risk that the tooth may fracture or break. Dental crowns are designed to protect the teeth underneath by absorbing the strong forces produced by chewing and biting.

Crowns are also a good choice if you're unhappy with the way a tooth look. They can be used to transform crooked, twisted, short or oddly shaped teeth or conceal a discolored tooth.

If you've lost a tooth or two, your dentist may recommend a bridge, a dental appliance that consists of artificial teeth called pontics attached to crowns. The bridge is securely anchored by the crowns on either side, allowing you to bite and chew with confidence.

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